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Firmware history

— Revision History
— v0.10 09-Dec-2020 Grace Wu Created
— v0.20 05-Feb-2021 Kenneth change OID to simple(2) for pwt(4)
— v0.30 20-Feb-2021 Grace Wu
— 1. pduEmdCurrInfoHumidityStat SYNTAX INTEGER change to normal(1),warning(2),critical(3).
— 2. pduEmdCurrInfoTempStat SYNTAX INTEGER change to normal(1),warning(2),critical(3).
— 3. pduEmdCfgEMDAddress change to read-only.
— 4. pduEmdCfgAppFWVer change to read-only.
— 6. pduEmdCfgTempCalOffset SYNTAX INTEGER change to fivePointFour(1),fourPointFive(2),
— threePointSix(3),twoPointSeven(4),onePointEight(5),zeroPointNine(6),zeroPointZero(7),
— negativeZeroPointNine(8),negativeOnePointEight(9),negativeTwoPointSeven(10),
— negativeThreePointSix(11),negativeFourPointFive(12),negativeFivePointFour(13).
— 7. pduEmdCfgHumidityCalOffset SYNTAX INTEGER change to six(1),five(2),four(3),three(4),two(5),
— one(6),zero(7),negativeOne(8),negativeTwo(9),negativeThree(10),
— negativeFour(11),negativeFive(12),negativeSix(13).
— 8. pduDateAndTimeNtpSyncIntervalType change day to 1, month to 2.
— 9. pduIecViewMgmtGuid change to read-only.
— 10. pduAccessIpSettingTblAction accept->allow,reject->deny.
— 11. pduEmdCfgTempCritHigh SYNTAX INTEGER change to 0..650.
— 12. pduEmdCfgTempCritLow SYNTAX INTEGER change to 0..650.
— 13. pduEmdCfgTempWarnHigh SYNTAX INTEGER change to 0..650.
— 14. pduEmdCfgTempWarnLow SYNTAX INTEGER change to 0..650.
— 15. pduNetServiceRadiusTimeout SYNTAX INTEGER change to 1..99.
— 16. pduNetServiceRadiusRetry SYNTAX INTEGER change to 1..99.
— 17. pduSnmpSettingTrapEvtLevel SYNTAX INTEGER change to informational(1),warning(2),critical(3).
— 18. pduEmailSettingSmtpAuthEn SYNTAX INTEGER change to disabled(1),enabled(2)
— 19. trap change some description.
— v0.40 22-Feb-2021 Grace Wu
— 1. pduIpv6SettingAddress change to pduIpv6SettingLocalAddress and change to read.
— 2. add pduIpv6SettingGlobalAddress.
— 3. pduIpv6SettingPrefix range change from 0-63 to 0-128
— v0.50 04-Mar-2021 Grace Wu
— 1. pduCfgCritOverLoadAlm unit changet to 0.1W, and range change to 0-140800.
— 2. pduCfgCritLoadBalanceAlm unit changet to 0.1%, and range change to 0-1000.
— 3. pduCfgWarnOverLoadAlm unit changet to 0.1W, and range change to 0-140800.
— 4. pduCfgWarnLoadBalanceAlm unit changet to 0.1%, and range change to 0-1000.
— 5. pduEmdCurrInfoHumidityValue unit changet to 0.1%.
— 6. pduEmdCfgTempCritHigh add unit 0.1.
— 7. pduEmdCfgTempCritLow add unit 0.1.
— 8. pduEmdCfgTempWarnHigh add unit 0.1.
— 9. pduEmdCfgTempWarnLow add unit 0.1.
— 10. Critical: Cold boot. -> coldStart.
— 11. Critical: Warm boot. -> warmStart.
— 12. add trap pduInletCurrCB2Phase1Warn(71)~pduInletCurrPhase3CB2CritToWarn(82).
— 13. trap pduInletCurrPhase1Warn(15)~pduInletCurrPhase3CritToWarn(26) name add CB1.
— v0.60 12-Mar-2021 Grace Wu
— 1. remove pduIpv6SettingPrefix.


Download the latest firmware version:


Steps for upgrade firmware after download the files:

1- Install GIGA SNMP on Advanced — Maintenance menu — Firmware Update

2- Unzip the file and install on Advanced — Inlet & Outlet upgrade



Firmware history

Revision History

2023/5/26      SNMP Board  0.30 a50

1. Fix parameters crash problem.

2. Add SNMPv3 USM table MIB file.

3. If system name is default value (default: PDU), then DHCP hostname attached with system name and mac address, otherwise, only attached system name.

4. Change system name default value from Powertek to PDU. (Only at first time upgrade to this version will working, ex. Upgrade from TI MFG FW to this version)
5. Change LCM type default value from STN to OLED. (Only at first time upgrade to this version will working, ex. Upgrade from TI MFG FW to this version)

6. Change PDU Type default value from 3 phase PDU 250V 32A to 3 phase PDU 380 32A. (Only at first time upgrade to this version will working, ex. Upgrade from TI MFG FW to this version)

7. Release new MIB file SPS_MIBv1_v0.97.mib

2023/4/28.      SNMP Board  0.30 a48

„1. SNMPv3 table array size change 1 to 8 users

2023/3/31      SNMP Board   0.30 a47         „1. Fix browser language switching cause webpage display error.

  1. Monitor Surge protection device. (When SPD trigger, LCM show warning and send alarm).

2023/3/29      SNMP Board   0.30 a46         1. Fix sequential on outlet state not sync with last state object at first time upgrade to new version.

2023/3/25      SNMP Board   0.30 a44         1. Add Outlet Sequential Startup  Feature.

2023/3/8        SNMP Board   0.30 a43         „1. Fix outlet disappear problem.

  1. Fix LCM jump time error problem.

  2. Change power factor display unit (ex. 94 %-> 0.94), includes web, MIB, cli, Modbus and mail attached file.

  3. Release new mib file SPS2_MIBv1_v0.96.mib and SPS2_MIBv2_v0.96.mib.“

2023/1/19      SNMP Board   0.30 a40         1. Add hostname to DHCP command.

2022/11/17    SNMP Board   0.30 a39         1. Support BENDVAC RCMB 121-1 (DC Type) and RCMB 121-2 (AC Type).

2022/9/16      SNMP Board   0.30 a31         „1. Add Power Sharing Function (for HW version after SNMP A1), Include CLI/mib/Modbus/Trap function.

  1. Add outlet group control for indexmfg webpage by Powerteck request.“

2023/6/20      Inlet/Outlet    1.0.21  1. Add Outlet Sequential Startup  Feature.

2023/3/8        Inlet/Outlet    1.0.16  1. Fix outlet disappear problem.

2023/1/19      Inlet/Outlet     1.0.13  „1. Implement the relay is forced to close when the power is off, Start the ON delay function after power on.

  1. Correct the Outlet power calculation problem, when the current is too large (>20A), the calculation will be wrong“

2022/12/23    Inlet/Outlet     1.0.12  „1. Fix the small current error problem, Clear current/power/PF when the current is below 0.01A.

  1. Modify the calculation formula of power (active/apparent/reactive).“

2022/12/4      Inlet/Outlet     1.0.11  „1. Fixed missing VaGain calibration settings.

  1. Support broadcast command(Requires new SNMP).“

2022/1/9        Inlet/Outlet     1.0.9    1. Fixed the problem of energy accumulation at different frequencies

Technical Files MIB

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Product Manuals

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User-Guide-GIGA PDUs Download Manual

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PDU Fitility for mass FW upgrade

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