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More security in the home office guaranteed! Clean & Compact!


Safety glass door

Table tops in various
colors available

Can be supplemented with desktop line


Side panels removable

(only with open front door) 

Our home office rack on wheels not only ensures more security, no, it also puts an end to the annoying tangle of cables. With an integrated PDU strip (also available with overvoltage protection/lightning protection), all IT devices can be securely plugged into the rack. The compact housing is ideal for protecting your router, server, PC or WiFi modem from children, animals or dirt. Your PS or XBox has now found a safe place. The rack can be easily moved from one place to another. All castors have a rotating bracket and two have a parking brake.


The home office rack can be locked with a key. The glass door is fitted with safety glass and the side walls can only be removed from the inside when the front door is open.


The rack and the table top are available in various colors so that they also fit into your home office.


The rack is also available in two different depths and three heights. Optionally, it can be equipped with additional drawers or shelves, chargers with USB/HMDI connection and much more.


Contact us now to put together your home office rack together. We are looking forward to your contact.

Standard equipment: 


  • 19" rack (dimensions can be seen in the table below)

  • Glass door lockable at the front

  • 2x side walls (can only be removed when the front door is open)

  • 1x screwed metal back panel

  • 2x mounting rails in front

  • 4x castors (2x braked, 2x unbraked)

  • 1x earth kit for side walls and door

  • 1x shelf with front mounting (D=350mm) mounted at the bottom of the rack

  • 1x PDU standard(7x T13 black with switch and protector)built-in

  • Cable (L=3m, plug T12) of the socket strip routed to the outside via strain relief

section 2



  • Wooden board (available in various colors)

  • PDU table mounting 1x T13 2-port USB charger

  • PDU table mounting 1x T13 2-way USB charger + HDMI connection

  • PDU table mounting 2x T13 2-port USB charger

  • PDU 7x T13 with switch (1 piece included as standard)

  • PDU 6x T13 with overvoltage protection "Phoenix" (standard 7-fold strip with switch is omitted)

  • PDU 5x T13 with FI/LS (standard 7-way strip with switch and protector is omitted)

  • tray fixed

  • Pull-out shelf front assembly

  • Drawer for documents, lockable


Technical specifications: 


  • Maximum payload 100kg 

  • IP20 according to EN60529 

  • 2 pieces 19" mounting rails aluzinc (continuously adjustable) 

  • Frame, door, side walls RAL 7035 powder-coated 

  • Roof and floor panels with pre-punched openings 

  • Intended for indoor applications 

  • Depths: 400mm and 600mm 

  • Heights: 10U, 12U, 15U (other dimensions on request)  

  • Castors (2 x braked, 2 x unbraked) 

The compact housing is therefore ideal for all common EDP and telecommunications applications, especially where space is limited and in private households.

office rack
office rack
office rack
Home office rack

customer interview

office cube

Hannes Lubich is a professor emeritus for computer science and an independent management consultant. Hannes Lubich studied computer science at the Technical University of Berlin, after which he did his doctorate and habilitation at the ETH Zurich. After working for SWITCH, Bank Julius Baer, Computer Associates and British Telecom, he worked until 2019 as a professor of computer science with a focus on IT service management, information security and risk management at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, and until 2012 as a private lecturer at the ETH Zurich. He is a member of the board of directors of Ad Vantis Innovation AG, alabus AG and United Security Providers AG, as well as a member of various advisory boards and IT organizations. Hannes Lubich lives in Hedingen in the Knonaueramt.

dr Hannes P. Lubich

Why should home office users rely on a Schneikel cabinet?
The system is modular and extremely flexible in order to accommodate IT and communication systems as well as the associated data and power cabling safely, conveniently and yet easily accessible - making it ideal for use in the home office.

How have Schneikel products optimized your workflow?

By using Schneikel products, physical security could be improved and the necessary maintenance access optimized. Operational problems such as loose plug connections for data or power cables could be avoided and the monitoring and control of operations improved by means of externally controllable socket strips.


How do you rate the usability of the Schneikel products?

Due to the clear structure, the system is intuitively understandable and therefore easy to use. The offered functionality optimally supports users and administrators in the monitoring and maintenance of their ICT infrastructure.


How do you rate the setup and first steps with Schneikel products?

The planning and configuration of the required equipment is planned together. The products can then be put into operation easily and step by step - in the event of problems, well-trained, competent support is available.


How did your employees and customers respond to the new opportunities
reacted with Schneikel products?

The "innovation" was received positively due to its good usability. The effort for planning and migration is quickly amortized by the increased security and better monitoring.

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