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The Schneikel Smart PM TURN PDU is a power distributor with local energy measurement to precisely measure the current (in A), voltage (in V), power (in W) and PF (in kWh) that the network devices draw from the circuit. As new servers and devices are added and power consumption increases, the impact on power consumption can be observed immediately. This allows the engineer to safely stress the circuit up to its maximum allowable power rating without risk of overloading the circuit.

The PDU that adapts to you!

Mechanical features

  • Ultra light aluminum profile

  • Adjustable mounting

  • C13/C19 IEX combo combination socket

  • 16A or 32A version

  • hydraulic 1 pole Carling (16A) magnetic switch

input energy measurement

  • 4 digital 7 segment LED display

  • Current in A

  • Voltage in V

  • Power in W

  • Power factor in kWh


The PDU with a 180° rotatable power meter in a robust aluminum profile for your server and/or network cabinet.

The PDU for rack installation with the 180° rotatable power meter can be equipped as required.

number of missions
12 / 24 / 36 / 42 and many more.


Standard in black

cable supply line

Various lengths and also halogen-free available

Rack mountable

Includes horizontal and vertical mounting options


IEC standard C13/C19

Also available with the older inserts on request.

CH T13/T23

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