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The Schneikel Smart PM PDU is a power distribution panel with local input current monitoring that allows the network engineer to use the real-time monitoring of the power distribution panel to accurately measure the current (in A) that the network devices are drawing from the circuit. As new servers and devices are added and power consumption increases, the impact on power consumption can be observed immediately. This allows the engineer to safely stress each circuit up to its maximum allowable power rating without risk of overloading the circuit.

IEX Combo C13/C19

Mechanical features

  • Ultra light aluminum profile

  • Fully adjustable assembly

  • Hydraulic magnetic switch 10 kA (16A optional)

  • C13/C19 combination socket

input energy measurement

  • PDU input measurement kWh

  • PDU input power measurement (W, VA, VAR)

  • PDU input measurement (A, V, PF, HZ)

  • Lcircuit breaker monitoring

  • Residual current monitoring RCM (optional)

  • 3 phase balance display

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CH T13/T23

Also available with CH T13/T23 connectors on request.

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