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IEX Combo C13/C19

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High-resolution LCD TFT monitor with orientation detection

kWh billing

Highest quality tested complete billing precision, resettable, local kWh measurement, multi-point measurement, on-board memory

circuit monitoring

Multi-point measurement of the overall and local circuit breakers to prevent one-sided loading between circuits and phases

Power Meter Upgradeable PDU
Intelligent replaceable IP Module PDU

Intelligent replaceable IP modules

Flush-mounted controller with components suitable for industrial use and a reliable structure. Offers USB, IP, and serial configurable architecture that enables remote monitoring, data backup, disaster recovery, each from a hot-swappable module.

Allows for future expansion, SNMP graphics, or simply the ability to focus on specific panels that require increased, constant monitoring.

Colored light aluminum

All customer-specific colors available, anodized coating, short delivery times


Single-phase and three-phase heavy loads

Full power range available from 2.5 kW to 44.4 kW in both single and three phase systems


IP extendable

Hot-swappable, IP-upgradable SNMP module converts demanding local metering into a fully networked unit, future-proof


ground fault monitoring

The fault current monitoring protects technicians from electric shocks when measuring the leakage current to earth at the insulation level, 4 different limit values can be set.  


Earth fault monitoring

CH T13/T23

Also available with CH T13/T23 connectors on request.


The new Schneikel PMU PDU offers a unique and versatile solution for your data center. It offers the most feature-rich local LCD display available on the market, always with a future-proof solution. With a hot-swappable network module, it can be quickly deployed from a local electricity meter to a networked SNMP/serial PDU.

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