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The 19-inch S+ socket strips (PDU line)



The 19-inch socket strips (PDU-Line) from Schneikel Electronics GmbH have been tested by "electrosuisse" and TÜVRheinland according to IEC60884-1, IEC60884-2-7 and SN 1011 as well as DIN VDE 0620-1-2 2016-1.


The Swiss versions are characterized by the "electrosuisse" certified and by das ESTI S+ approved been.

T13 ESTI approval

T23 ESTI approval

C13 ESTI permit

C19 ESTI permit





The PDU line - includes 19 inch power strips which with T13T23C13C19  and/or type F (earthing contact) in the colors black, white, orange, blue and red (type F). The socket strips are suitable for horizontal and vertical installation and can be installed quickly and easily using the fastening straps supplied.

Our Alternatively, 19" socket strips can be equipped with overvoltage protection, mains filter, on/off switch, operating display, ammeter and power meter, miniature circuit breaker, residual current circuit breaker and/or USB charger.

We supply the 19-inch socket strips with a 3.0 m long connection cable as standard, which can be reconnected. Optionally, the strips are equipped with T12, T23, C14, C20, CEE and Type F connectors.

In addition to a wide standard range of 19" socket strips, we also supply 3-phase strips with a combined socket assembly in 16A and 32A versions.

The product range is rounded off by socket strips that can be monitored (via the Internet), but also with manageable solutions, whereby the power consumption can be controlled or individual sockets can be switched on and off. 

The 19" socket strips are recorded in the ELDAS database and have a 9-digit number.

T13 power strip

T23 power strip

C13 power strip

C19 power strip


Certification by SEV and ESTI

The socket strips are certified by the SEV according to IEC60884-1 and then approved by the ESTI.

Why ESTI? publication



mounting tabs

The fastening straps supplied are simply attached and are suitable for both horizontal and vertical mounting of the 19-inch socket strips.

T12 - partially insulated

Schneikel Electronics uses for their 19 inch

Socket strips only partially insulated T12 plugs.

PDU with USB

PDU with switch

Mounting bracket
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