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Horizontal Rack PDU

Horizontal rack PDU with high-precision input and circuit monitoring, output switching function, and sensor and daisy chain connections. Residual current monitoring functionality and combined temperature/humidity sensor optionally available.

IEX Combo C13/C19

Mechanical features

  • Ultra light aluminum profile

  • Fully adjustable assembly

  • Hydraulic magnetic switch 10 kA (16A optional)

  • C13/C19 combination socket



security management

  • Memory control for data and graphics

  • Adjustable alarm thresholds

input energy measurement

  • input energy measurement

  • PDU input measurement kWh

  • PDU input power measurement (W, VA, VAR)

  • PDU input measurement (A, V, PF, HZ)

  • circuit breaker monitoring

  • Residual current monitoring RCM (optional)

  • 3 phase balance display


CH T13/T23

Also available with CH T13/T23 connectors on request.

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