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PDU power strip with LS and FI-LS

Did you know that the high-quality socket strips from Schneikel Electronics are available in countless variants and configurations? There is also a suitable strip for the most unusual applications. And if there is nothing suitable in the large standard range, there is always the possibility of onecustom barput together exactly according to your ideas.


Today I would like to introduce you to two specialties from the standard range.

There is the option of equipping your socket strip with an additional circuit breaker (LS, «fuse») or even with a residual current circuit breaker (FI-LS) for increased safety. This makes it possible to connect your devices securely even if the installation conditions do not meet today's standards. 

In many older buildings, former industrial halls and lofts you will find installations that are secured with more than 10A and have no general FI protection. There it makes sense to use the power strip with LS or FI-LS to create a safe environment for the connected devices and for you as the user.

What is an LS? What is an FI-LS?

An LS or circuit breaker is the modern and better version of the conventional screw fuse. It contains two safety elements, on the one hand the fast-acting short-circuit protection and on the other hand the deliberately slow-reacting overload protection. This protects your devices and the installation lines from short circuits and overloads. Due to the delayed tripping characteristic in the overload range, however, short-term starting currents, eg from motors, do not lead to a tripping of the circuit breaker and thus to a power interruption.

In addition to the line protection functions, an FI-LS or residual current circuit breaker such as that installed by us also contains extremely effective personal protection. If conductive parts become live due to an error in the connected devices, there is a risk of fatal injury when touching these parts. These are often undetectable errors from the outside. As soon as the FI recognizes that a current is beginning to flow through your body, it will immediately switch off the entire power strip and all devices connected to it. You may then feel a "thump" or a tingling sensation, but you can be sure that the deadly flow of electricity will be interrupted within a few thousandths of a second.

Such a LS or FI-LS is expensive, right?

Of course, additional protection costs something. However, you may be surprised that the price difference is smaller than you might think. With our sharp calculation and the favorable shopping opportunities, as a bulk purchaser, we have advantages that we pass on to you directly. And another thought that cannot be expressed in Franconia:

A prevented electrical accident is always worth the additional investment, don't you agree?

With this in mind, I wish you easy and worry-free use of electricity with the individually tested socket strips from Schneikel

Socket strip 19" 1HE 5×T23 black plug T23 with FI/LS (RCBO)

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