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The range of SMART POMS PDU (Power Distribution Unit)  delivers highly reliable power distribution with the latest intelligent power monitoring. It offers both a vivid local LCD display and IP monitoring of performance and cabinet environmental conditions. It offers the highest level of performance monitoring and functionality, with comprehensive performance conditions, per-output performance monitoring, cabinet environmental conditions, all combined with the ability toturn each individual output on or off remotely, given are. By monitoring each individual outlet and total power, a comprehensive view of power usage in your cabinet is provided. Temperature and humidity via a web browser or receive alarms and alerts via SNMP or email when user-defined thresholds are exceeded.

The SMART PIM PDU family is able to define master and slave devices to cascade multiple devices. A single IP address can then be used across each circuit, reducing the use of multiple IP addresses.

IEX Combo C13/C19

Mechanical features

  • Ultra light aluminum profile

  • Fully adjustable assembly

  • Hydraulic magnetic switch 10 kA (16A optional)

  • C13/C19 combination socket



security management

  • Memory control for data and graphics

  • Adjustable alarm thresholds

input energy measurement

  • input energy measurement

  • PDU input measurement kWh

  • PDU input power measurement (W, VA, VAR)

  • PDU input measurement (A, V, PF, HZ)

  • circuit breaker monitoring

  • Residual current monitoring RCM (optional)

  • 3 phase balance display

rack montierbar

Rack mountable

Includes horizontal, vertical, and tool-less mounting options


Cascading (Daisy Chain)

Cascade to monitor and manage up to 4 PDUs with a single IP address

powe switch

Protection for circuits

All PDUs meet the required protection with a power rating of up to 16 A. Other protective measures such as individually fused outputs are available on request.


IP access and technology

HTTP/HTML, SNMP V1, 2.3, IP V4&6, DHCP, Modbus Over IP, Telnet support


Local power indicator

4 LED power display, real-time monitoring and active metering to avoid overloading in critical environments where high loads are required and power consumption is approaching the maximum capacity of the power strip


environmental sensors

Compact temperature and humidity sensor with 2 digital connections for door open sensors, water and smoke detectors, air flow and vibration measuring device

CH T13/T23

Also available with CH T13/T23 connectors on request.

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