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New: The power strip / Power Distribution Unit (PDU) for the office environment with USB 3.0 5Gbp/s


Power strip | 2 x T13 | 4 x USB 3.0 | Insert black 

Art. No. S-21 A2 216-CUH-P-D 


Direct connection of up to 4 devices

(e.g. mouse, headphones, keyboard, etc.) USB 3.0 5Gbp/s to your desktop. 

This means no cable clutter on your table. 

Examples for the individual configuration:
- RJ45—Internet, HDMI, VGA—D-Sub, Switch, 

- Emergency on/off switch, T23, C13, C19, Schuko, 

- various connection options 

Mounting set for attachment to the table top is included.

Steckdosenlesiste Montage Set

from CHF 97

T13 PDU Steckdosenleiste für Tischmontage mit USB und RJ45 oder HDMI
Desk line


Bar for attachment to the table top:

Consisting of an assembly set and individually configured

Socket strip with freely selectable length, depending on the

desired sockets and bushings.

to the product

PDU befestigungen

Mounting set for attachment to the table top.

PDU mit Schalter

Alternative attachments are the mounting brackets for vertical and horizontal mounting or another solution is to work with magnets.

PDU montageset für Tischplatte

Other built-in components are for increased safety and compliance with standards, such as the 10A protector or individually selectable, a green power indicator or a 2-pin on/off switch.

Examples for the individual configuration:

  • USB Charger

  • RJ45—Internet

  • HDMI

  • VGA—D Sub

  • T13 / T23

  • C13 / C19

PDU mit USB charger Desk-Line Lift Schneikel
PDU mit RJ45
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